Grey Skies, Cold winds, Golden Chinar leaves. That's what fall is like, at least where I come from. It may be a little different where you are from- more different somewhere else. But no matter where you are from, if you are a sports enthusiast, then this fall is a great time to be alive.

Me, personally, I like waking up at 5am when it's 10 degrees outside, walking wrapped in a blanket, and then drinking chai while Lebron James dunks on Joakim Noah, or Kobe shoots a fade away three. But then, I am a little weird, living in a cricket-mad country, and yet being a Basketball maniac; also, not everyone wakes up at 5am for a regular season Basketball game. Weird, I may be, but there is something for almost every sport enthusiast around this time of the year.

The England-India series has been a delight to watch. It wouldn't be entirely wrong to say that among the sixteen nations that have a professional cricket team, the four from the Indian subcontinent are the most cricket crazy. Over the past few days, we have seen people stop in their tracks to watch that last ball of the last over, we've seen people scream in delight and frustration. So it's been pretty good for all you cricket fans.

Our friends over in China and Japan have got something going too. The Chinese are playing host to the World Championships for Artistic Gymnastics. The Chinese have been great Gymnasts for quite some time now, so they are very serious contenders for title. Now, I know most of you don't care much about Gymnastics- other than to stare at pretty girls pull off breathtaking moves. But the Chinese take it very seriously, and there are a lot of Chinese in the world.

Over in Japan, the Formula 1 is taking over with the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka, followed by the MotoGP, Japanese Grand Prix in Motegi.

Then there is the Russian Grand Prix (F1). Watching the best drivers driving and riding the fastest cars and bikes- who doesn't love that?

The English are playing their Football, as usual. The Premier League is getting hot with some interesting fixtures coming up. Chelsea vs Arsenal, and then Chelsea vs Manchester United as the major fixtures. So, as the English boil their tea, here in India, we too, have started wearing the Red and the Blue, and eagerly wait for kickoff.

The Spanish have had an exciting month with FIBA World Championships, which is basically the Basketball World cup. The men’s division was a thrilling affair where we saw ‘amazing happen’, so that's not limited to the NBA anymore. But then the fun isn't over just yet, we still have the Women World Championships coming up, and we're in for some amazing Basketball action.

So, as the cold winds blow, I have my hot cup of tea and my blanket, the Chinar leaves have started falling and Lebron's about to dunk on Noah. Yeah, life's pretty good.

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