People tend to find their peace of mind with each gulp they take; they look at themselves in the mirror and for a few hours, after aeons, they don’t feel like living up to any expectations or looking good. This heavenly feeling follows the process of drowning oneself. Photographed by Shrey Agrawal.
Such peace of mind can only be found on the faces of porcelain dolls. Photographed by Shrey Agrawal.
The rustic smell of dried out flowers fills in my nostrils and reaches my soul to wet the memories. Photographed by Shrey Agrawal.
You grow and you let others grow because of you. Photographed by Shrey Agrawal.
Getting lost in that ecstasy that runs through you when you laugh, really laugh after a long time.Your eyes well up with tears; this gaiety is maddening- this gaiety that you have been dying for, for so long. Photographed by Sukhnidh Kaur.
Unrefined, raw. Real, beautiful.She was crude. Photographed by Sukhnidh Kaur.
Like the bottle containing alcohol that shatters spilling out everything it contains and forming sharp edged pieces preventing anyone from touching them and cleaning them up, my heart broke. Photographed by Sukhnidh Kaur.
The lake was blue once, love. It glowed with happiness. But then I spilled garbage all over it and walked away. Now it’s dark and thick and nothing is clear. It’s suffocating because of all that tossed over waste. I’m sorry, love, I dirtied myself. Photographed by Vedant Puri.
It was beautiful, the sky- that day. With wisps of white smoke spread all across the horizon and the sun setting and wind flowing through my hair, making it a picturesque sight for a magazine cover. All the chaotic mess, all the severe headaches, all the chagrined days were a forgotten tale when I drove out of them. Photographed by Vedant Puri.
They say thorns and barbed wires form a protective cover, especially for the things that can be easily stolen. No wonder the walls we put up are not enough to prevent our temple from breaking down. Photographed by Vedant Puri.
Photographed by Divik Sharma.
Photographed by Pratik Mulchandani.
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