For this issue, we decided to get in touch with a homophobe and a homosexual, and ask them to have a simple conversation regarding homosexuality.

D, if I may phrase it this way, why are you homophobic?

D.: Well, honestly I just don't get the idea of being gay, bi or lesbian. To be honest, it’s just extremely unnatural and abnormal. I feel it’s sick to like a person of your own sex, and to have any kind of sexual relationship with them, as it won't even be productive.

J. : Homosexuality is not a choice. It is a predisposition. People do not get to choose whether they want to be straight, gay, bi, trans, or question themselves. If it was, then I'm sure no one would actually like to be a victim of the long prevailing social stigma that comes with not being hetero. Homosexuality most certainly is not man-made. Homosexuality has been identified in over 2400 species of mammals. To judge a couple on the basis of their ability to reproduce is also not justified. Because that would mean that infertile couples, old people, and people who do not want kids are nothing but a "waste". And earth most certainly does not need more humans than it already has. Homosexuals, in that sense, are doing us a favor. And then there're other options like surrogacy, adoption, and foster kids.

D. : God made man and woman, and that is a testimony to the fact that they are meant to be together, and be with each other, and love each other- the result of which is a child. The reproductive organs are made in such a way. Being gay, bi, or lesbian is totally against nature. Are there any novels or love stories portraying humans loving a person of their same sex? Homosexuality is always used as a matter of humor in movies. It’s extremely unnatural. If people are paralyzed, they are still pretty much the same as us, but it’s not a complete state of normality. The same goes for homosexuality.

J.: I think you're confusing 'normality' with 'conformation'. Who gets to define what's normal? No one. And even so, who says homosexuals are not normal? They are different, yes, but normal too. Different, but all the same. And can we please not bring god into this? I don't really like people using an imaginary friend as an excuse for petty reasons. Theism is, itself, a controversial topic.

"The reproductive organs are only made in such a way." Ah, the Freudian approach. Though I do agree that nothing fits a vagina better than an erect penis, are you suggesting that the sole purpose of human life is to have sex? Well, no. It is an important part of it, but not a defining line. Even if it were so, male homosexuals can have oral and anal sex, and frottage; while female homosexuals can use dildos, or indulge in oral sex, and scissoring.

D. : Even people with cancer are normal human beings, but it’s not a normal condition of the body, as goes for homosexuality. Your body is not supposed to have feelings for the same sex. It’s just not what it's supposed to be. It’s an abnormal functioning of the hormones.

J. : Your comparison of homosexuality to a disease is disgusting. I repeat. Homosexuality is not a disease. It is a predisposition. "I like raspberries, not strawberries. But you like strawberries and not raspberries? Eww. You're sick"
^ Get it?

J. : Like I mentioned earlier, reproduction is not the sole purpose of human life.

D. : My take on that is different, "I like pasta, but you like shit and garbage!" It’s natural, get it?

J. : Forget everything. Ask yourself, is it too much for a human to demand the rights every other human has?

D. : Every AIDS patient, always remains depressed and tries to explain that nothing would happen to anyone if they come close to them, but that’s wrong. I feel, it’s the same case with you. The way you speak – Are you homosexual?

J. : Yes. Yes, I am.
I used to hate myself.
Condemn, rather.
I felt abnormal.
I felt irrelevant.
I used to question my sexuality everyday.

D. : Oh, I so knew it! Explains why you are so hyper and bothered about it!

J. : A part of me died.
When I was 14.
I was not worried of not getting a boyfriend.

D. :See I'm not trying to say that you are abnormal. I'm saying that this process is abnormal.

J. : I was not worried of not getting loved.
Let me get to that.
You know what made me accept myself? When I told a friend about my sexuality. He was okay with it. He acted normally. If people can accept me for who I am, why can't I? And so I did.
Nothing is abnormal. Everything is all right.

D. : Yeah, you are normal! I'm not really against homosexual people. I'm against homosexuality.

J. : I'm sorry, but I do not get how that is possible.
You see, homosexuality is so widely prevalent, through humans, through bats, through whales, through dogs.

D. : I'm against the concept!

J. : It's as normal as heterosexuality.
Tell me, hypothetically speaking, if a girl were to French kiss you, how would you feel?

D. : I would feel pathetic! Completely disgusted!

J. : The same applies for me. If a girl were to kiss me.

D. : Ohhh dear!

J. : [though I'm not that lucky :')]

D. : Hahahahahahah.

J. : It would feel wrong. It would be fun if it were to done as a dare, but other than that, I would feel like… "why is she not a dude?"

D. : Okay, thank you.

J. : Thank you? Um... What?

D. : Thank you for your incredible views.

J. : Oh. And thank you for your views too.

D. : God bless.

J. : No thanks. I'm a firm atheist.

D. : All the best for your life.

J. : It comes down to one question. "Are you still against homosexuality?"


J. : Wow. Pointless conversation, I suppose.


J. : Well, to each their own.

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