I'm probably the last person to follow the herd, but there is this one time, just one time when I do as the world does. That time is here now, and I'm Green, Blue and Yellow like the entire world. The FIFA World cup is here.

Now, some of you might point out that not everyone has those three colors on; it's different for different countries. Red for Spain, Orange for the Dutch, and so on. But, let's not be so detail oriented for a minute, it is the Brazilians who are hosting the biggest Football carnival this time. So, just for a second there we'll paint the entire world Green, Blue and Yellow. Football, by far, is the most popular sport in the world, so naturally, when the biggest event of the biggest sport is happening, all eyes are on Brazil.

The countdown to the World cup has had its own ups and downs, with the general population unhappy about not getting the promised benefits out of the preparations for the world cup, and various tribes being displaced because of the construction of the new stadiums, people of Brazil have been unhappy. Protests on the streets, calls for boycott- among other forms of discontent plagued the run up for the mega event.

But as we now move into the group stages, the protests have become background noise, and football is doing all the talking. This time, we have already witnessed the highest number of goals ever to be scored in the group stages. The defending champions, Spain, have already crashed out, so have the English men. On the other hand, Chile and Costa Rica have blown us away with their Football, and are changing the way people think about the so-called weaker teams.

It is, of course, sad to see the favorites lose, or the defending champions crash out. Some people even lose interest because of this. But that's what is so incredible about football and about sports in general- a team of misfits defeating the star-studded favorites, minnows overcoming the champions.

So we've seen a few upsets, tons of goals, a lot of beautiful women (oh! the Brazilian women), some breathtaking football, and now we have a winner.

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