They asked me why
I stayed
Back in
The madness
And fighting
Where orange
And green
Fought wars
Fraught with the
Colour red
Of blood spilled
And havens destroyed.

They asked me
Why I suffered
Eyes and hands
On myself
Stripping me
Of dignity
In a land where
Divinity and me
Were synonyms
Invoked and chanted
When needed
And cast aside.

They wondered why
I tried
To change around me
Paradigms of twistedness
Greed and lust
Stomping in tandem
Of power and money
As the hallowed halls
Of venerated legacies
Are spat on and coated
With the pinkish-red
Of addled disregard.

But what they didn’t see
Were the sights and sounds
And smells that were
Home and comfort
Safety in the throngs
Of a conundrum
Of ideologies and
And lives bound
Together by the idea
Of an identity
A struggle
Bigger than just us.

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