The general belief holds that music unites people, brings them closer.

However, I oppose this opinion. I believe music has the potential to unite people, yes. I would go so far as to say that it has the capacity to remove the ever-present problem of inequality, but right now, I feel we are all divided, even through our music. According to me, music listeners everywhere can be separated into two broad categories. There are people who hear music, and there are people who listen to music. Although, they sound similar, the distinction is extremely vast.

The first kind, the people who ‘hear’ music are those people who listen to their music for entertainment, to relax and refresh themselves. Their relationship with music stops there, and their music holds little value beyond that.

For the second kind, the purpose of listening to music remains the same. However, to them, a song isn’t just a piece of writing with instrumentals, it isn’t just a catchy tune; it is a phase, a state of mind, a state of being. It signifies a point of their life. A good song connects them to itself with a certain sort of agreement. An agreement where, for a few minutes the person must leave their soul naked, and their emotions- bare, free to be manipulated with, to be played with. To allow their heart to feel extreme happiness or extreme sadness, to feel great pain or utter confusion, or all these emotions in one go. These people truly honor this agreement. As the song progresses on, they let it seep into their being, let it make its way into the deepest pits of their heart. And then somewhere within this process of letting the song infect their soul, the real magic happens. A sort of protection begins to surround them, kind of like a bubble. A bubble created purely out of love for the song, strong enough to hold together the tumult of emotions inside. Emotions that know no rhyme or reason, emotions that they never knew they were capable of feeling, only to discover them trapped deep within, emotions that know no definition.

They not only hear the song, but they see and feel it as if it were their own. They can sense the passion and love put into the music, almost as if they were its creator. Even the world outside their bubble suddenly makes more sense.

Everything has a rhythm, a beat, a tune. There is beauty in everything and everyone.

I think it’s safe to say that the second kind of people are capable of a wider range of emotions. They love more people and with greater intensity. They are sensitive, considerate people. But most importantly, they possess the quality of empathy: a quality vital for harmony and unity, and therefore, for equality. For only when every human understands and feels the turmoil and hardships of another, and when this understanding develops into mutual respect, can this world truly be equal.

So, to all of my second kind of people, I salute you. You are changing this world one step at a time, in your own beautiful way. As for the others, next time you listen to music, sit back, close your eyes and try to appreciate the genius of it. And don’t be afraid to lose your outer protective layer for the real you caged inside.

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