It’s the 21st Century; trends change faster than the minds of teenagers, and before you know it, the preconceived notion that you had of the world and its developing changes is no longer the same. Various things can be classified under ‘trends’, but the vacuity that an altering sexual orientation should become the new fad, was never quite expected. With words from the constitution regarding section 377 being thrown around without having added much discretion to it, only goes to show that it’s not regarded as having a distinct sexual preference, but another means for people to feel the need to fit in. Largely seen among growing boys and girls (who would much rather be called ‘men’ and ‘ladies’ and, however, still feel the need to alter their sexuality for fitting in among the rest), bisexuality est à la mode.

While some are genuinely in a quandary about their sexuality, the remnants are in desperate attempts to save their social life. Albeit this makes not much of a difference to the general population (I mean, they’re just being phony right? Big deal), it plays an integral role in discrediting the ones who have already explored their sexuality. Just as I am doing right now- talking about the phony people, and conveniently neglecting the ones who are genuinely bi.

This being the last of my attentions, I aim to continue criticizing people who have often failed to segregate between being ‘bisexual’ and ‘bicurious’. To put it into lexical terms (as lexical as Urban Dictionary can get), ‘bisexuality’ predominantly refers to a person capable of having physical, romantic, and sexual attraction towards both sexes. What bisexual is not: Sex fiends looking to hump everything in sight. Just a phase of confusion. A fad- though for some females it is considered "sexy" to be bisexual. A person who engages in orgies. However, ‘bicuriousity’ refers to someone who is inquisitive about the idea of being bisexual but hasn’t had any experience related to the subject, and doesn’t have much knowledge in the experimenting field either. Or probably someone who doesn’t tag himself or herself as bisexual yet. While bisexuals genuinely feel a certain sexual attraction towards the same sex (and also the opposite), the bicurious ones often declare themselves so because they find a certain personality of the same sex appealing and that they would ‘go gay’ for them. Uh, no. It’s perfectly normal to find Emma Watson hot, or to think Robert Downey Junior is a sex god, but it’s not okay to consider yourself with an altered sexuality when you have absolutely zero knowledge or practical experience regarding the subject.

But to think that this foolery would soon be put to a halt is equivalent to believing that the government of India would make this legal tomorrow. The genuinely bisexual people feel insecure and extrinsic in their own country because their government doesn’t approve of it. For them, it’s not in jest, but an issue of great concern, that their sexual preference, and also their choice of partner, is tagged ‘unnatural’ by a good amount of the population. Owing to this, their legitimate claims are not taken sincerely. Also, total baboon-brained people claiming their sexuality to be anything other than what it truly is, is based on total absurdity and utter stupidity. I can hereby declare that alleging to be bisexual has to be the most half-witted and irrational fad of the current century and the ones to follow. To quote what a friend once said to me, ‘Soon, being straight will be the new trend,’ I realize how absolutely true it is. But let’s just hope, that our generation, which is left with only a handful of rational beings, will soon grow out of it.

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