It's freezing outside, December chill. He's in a deep slumber. In here, it's warm and comfortable. Safe. It's 4 am on a Sunday, the dreams are blissful. The world sleeps. But in the dream he hears something, can't figure out what, but it's there.

A por ellos, oo ee!

He snores on, perfectly content. There's a girl in the dream, wheaty golden hair and the most striking eyes. She is beautiful, she smiles at him. But there's that sound again. It gets louder.

A por ellos, oo ee!

He stirs, still not awake. The girl beckons. She seems to like him, wants him to come with her, there's a party in the town. He wants to go. But the sound is almost a chant now. He looks back. It's cold and dark.

A por ellos, oo ee!

Everybody's going towards the warmth. It's a happy place. But the chants are deafening.

A por ellos, oo ee! A por ellos, oo ee! A por ellos, oo ee!

He snaps out of sleep. It's Sunday, 4.15 am on a freezing December morning. It's time to go get them. That's what 'A por ellos, oo ee' means. ‘Go get them'.

He takes a cold shower to get rid of the sleepiness. Grabs his football cleats, all kitted up. 4.30 am, grabs an apple. It's time to train.

Being a real Athlete is very hard, and the chances of making it big- very low. The amount of sacrifices one has to make to even dream of making it big are phenomenal. Sure, everyone needs to sacrifice something to achieve what one aims for. But, athletes give up on indulgences on a daily basis. Waking up early on a chilly morning is one of the hardest things I have ever experienced. Kids these days, as young as ten or twelve, are training hard everyday to become real athletes. Waking up at four, running to the stadium and then training hard. Then, school- or work, checking what you eat, skipping parties. It's a hard ride most of the time.

They go through all that everyday in the hope that it'll all lead to that one breathless moment that'll make their country proud, that'll inspires others to follow, that'll breathe life into them. That moment makes it worth it, but not every athlete gets that moment. That's the sad truth of sports.

You have to be exceptional to get to the top, and you don't get to know if you're good enough or not for a long time. When one does realize he's not good enough, it's usually too late. Then following a different path is almost impossible. Many fall and are forgotten.

'A por ellos, oo ee' is a Spanish chant which the fans used constantly to cheer their team up during the Euro 2008 and the FIFA world cup in 2010, both of which the Spanish won. They were always the underachievers, you know, a group of very talented players that always faltered on the big stage. But then something changed, they were different. They seemed unstoppable and then they came. That win inspired a nation, made kids have new dreams. It was a group of individuals who had a little talent, but what made them great were their sacrifices and their hunger. The hunger to win.

Every sport is highly competitive and highly demanding, it takes immense courage and effort to put oneself out there. So when that kid in your neighborhood leaves his house at 4.15 in the morning, show him some love, because he might just change a lot of lives and make a lot of dreams come true.

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