There are days, which are more dreary and slow than other weekdays, and then just around the time you are about to grab dinner, you think to yourself that you’ll change it - grab life by the horns and make a difference – Enter, Kaffeine.

This quaint little Italian cafe is nestled on the first floor on the far end of Hauz Khas Village and is apparently known for its coffee (you wouldn’t have guessed that on your own, would you?). However, my experiences have been of the other liquid variety.

With a mere ten tables and barely enough space to walk around, this living room of sorts is packed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights on account of its live band. Personally, I am not a big fan of live bands, simply because it gets too loud, it covers mess with the purity of the original track, and it is very difficult to have conversations with live drums in the background. However, this place offers a totally different experience. The “band” is a couple of people and their guitars and are seated right in the center of the crowd (the place is too small to have a stage) and is very welcoming. People just stand next to them and sing along. Requests are accepted happily, and there is a very warm vibe to the whole experience which makes you feel involved and a part of the everyone’s experience - you become one with the crowd. Needless to say that by the time its midnight the energy is maddening, tables are being banged and everyone is singing along (and I have yet to leave here without hearing “one more song” requests by the crowd after a couple of ‘last songs.’)

I have been privy to their loaded chicken tikka pizza and the All-American platter and both the dishes were decent (7/10). Ironically, I haven’t heard good things about their coffee but I have yet to try it out myself. They have a decent range of alcoholic drinks on their menu and all the basic cocktails and wines are covered - their beer list is pretty long and they have Hoegaarden on tap. Compared to HKV standards their alcohol is very well priced (Ultra for INR 225++), and the food isn’t expensive either.

Overall, an upbeat cafe with good live music and bar menu pricing that won’t make you cringe. If you are having a dullish day, and you are looking to change that around - this is the place to be.

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