To seem rising above from what we were yesterday,
To let un-realization take a step towards rationality,
All of us allow immorality to intervene,
Into our illustrious search of sanity.

Removing masks we never wore,
and wearing those we never removed,
swearing by the preciousness of purity
We blend these masks into our hearts as little parts
Of our inauthentic search of sanity

To seem too kind to those who mind
Self -creating counterfeit conviviality
Adding sham to our harmed charm we strive to materialize
Our immaterial search of sanity

Hiding our monstrous desires by naming them as something new
We, under heaps of grief and deceit,
bury our humanity light candles of artificiality,
which guide us in
Our insensitive search of sanity

How sound we get to seem and sound sane
Leaving behind all logicality and practicality
We push our happy selves into so much pain
All for our insane search of sanity

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