Around this time, in 2008, “The ’Zine : Issue One”, was released- hardcopy. The paper was not of good quality- it was just plain A4, and it had about twenty seven pages of- admittedly, really bad design. It had columns like “Just Joking”, and “Airy Astronomers”. It had tongue twisters and riddles. It had articles that, kids my age just flipped through, to turn to the Jokes or Riddles. It had readership of less than ten people. Most of all, though, it had the five-month hard work of a ten year old- and let me tell you something. If you can get a ten year old to work on something for five months straight, without her getting distracted, then you can get her to do anything. Anyway. That was 2008. This is 2014.

The numbers have changed, as have the people, possibly. The ’Zine has expanded. It is not about “I”, anymore. It is “We”. There is more of writing. There is better quality. And it is much, much closer to my heart, now- for I can’t think of, possibly, more than two things, for which I would not sleep, for days at end. The ‘Zine, is one of those two.

They say everything has a good and bad. Everything is hated, and loved. Everything is desired, everything is envied. And they also say, that the World is not a Wish-Granting Factory. So, although we got a lot of love, there were bits of hatred and envy every here and there. There were people who sent “anonymous hate”, there were some who said it was never going to last, and there were those who boasted of being better. This editorial, goes out to them.

To those who have hated,
To those, who have tried to bring us down.
To those, who envied.
Thank You.
In your attempt to break me down and make me shut down The ‘Zine, you end up being the force. The motivation, that makes me strive for better.
That makes me want to hit you with my best shot- because we do as we said- ‘From A Crawl, To A Walk, To A Run.’
Thank You.

This issue, sadly, we’ve said our Goodbyes to a few people. But every cloud has a silver lining, and so did ours. We welcome on board,
Akash Ricky Chakraborty, as an Editor;
Jibraan Mansoor, as an Assistant Editor;
Arshia Amin, as a Columnist for ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’;
Navya Sinha, as a Columnist, for ‘Thinking en Route’;
Pundrikaksh Sharma, as a Columnist, for ‘The Forgotten Word’;
Sahej Marwah, as a Columnist for ‘Below The Belt’;
Saumyaa Mehra, as an artist;
Sukhnidh Kaur, as a photographer; and,
Vrinda Sood, as a Columnist for ‘Lyrical Anarchy’.

I’d like to give a shout out, to
Aman Srivastava,
Archit Srivastava,
Jibraan Mansoor,
Prabhav Khandelwal,
Rahat Chawla,
Smita Gulati.
Thank you, for not letting me go off-track.

and you, Dear Reader. Without you, we are nothing.

Next issue forth, we shall be having columns for Economics, Politics, Technology, Design, Law, and Music, which shall be open for one and all to contribute. Do send in your entries!

As always, I look forward to hear from you, so keep reading, and writing!

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