Failure is a bitter pill to swallow, but every now and then we all have to face failure.

But today we won't talk about the legends or the greats. Today let's get our hands dirty and walk to the other side, let's talk about failures. You see, the thing with failing is that they bring about a change in you. After you crash out, you either rise and are remembered as a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. (Batman fan, yes!). If you do become a hero, well then good for you. But if you become a villain, then we have a lot to talk about.

Now, obviously the ones who are failures at sports don't go on to become a 'Bane' or a 'Joker'. No, they are annoying little leeches who feed on making our lives miserable, slowly, every single day.

Where are those leeches you ask? Everywhere! Remember your class 10th math teacher, the one who never let you go for Basketball practice simply because he was kicked off the team thrice when he was a kid?

The professor at your college, the one who marks you absent even if you are there in the class, because she was a fat kid who couldn't run and was bullied by others?

What about the nosey neighbor, who keeps telling your mother " Aapka ladka khel khel kar nalayak ho jayega, zara padhai pe dhiyan dilao." only because her son has a hand eye coordination of a three year old dyslexic kid?

Remember them? Of course you don't, these are my villains after all. But I am sure you have your own.

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