There are things that you think you CANNOT do. You cannot do those things for several reasons, but most of them derive from one thing: fear. Fear is a web, or, more like a spider. It starts from one point, it sticks and then it builds a web. A web that has you in its clutch, and that too very well, for the web is around your mind.

Fear has you shackled like a prisoner, moaning in mental trauma, hurting you endlessly and prohibiting you from speaking about it out loud for you shall be judged if you do. It has you caught red-handed, off guard. So, being the thief man is, fear has led me to ponder upon if not a many but one problem. Now you would ask what my problem is. My problem is how to figure out a way to tackle my fears without having to face them. Pretty absurd as compared to all the hype that I tried to generate around it and the answer is obvious. It is as obvious as Miley Cyrus during the VMAs with Robin Thicke! So stating the obvious, there is no other way to tackle fear but to confront it. Now, you’d ask what my view on it is: here it is, and it is a little long so I hope you’ll bear with me.

Now that I know you’re bearing with me, have you ever wondered if there would be an eighth deadly sin what would it be? Have you ever considered our beloved “fear” for that post? I am sure you haven’t, because until today even I didn’t. And if you did, I request you to inbox me your contact details, for I shall be glad to have your ideas and, of course, the opportunity to be friends with you. Coming back to the topic, fear to me is a deadly sin. It is a sin we commit, unknowingly. And the worst part is you can’t classify it as a sin, not quite. It is stuck somewhere in the middle between sin and danger.

We all know how to tackle fear, it is all about coming face to face with it, sometimes under an unexpected situation or under a created artificial environment (Refer: Fear Factor). But there is most certainly a way to be prepared for it, you ask how? It is simple, talk about them, ask yourself why you are afraid of them, mentally prepare yourself and then face it. It doesn’t take ages, it takes just a while and after some time it takes a few moments.

It is not only about tackling your fear, it is always about moving forward in your life, it is always about growing and if your fear stops you from growing, you need to remove it, because you have no other option.

When you will start you shall fall, for the road will always be a trick, initially. Little one, don’t be afraid for there will be wounds and there will be blood but tomorrow will be a day when you’ll be better than today. Work for tomorrow and don’t worry about today.

As I always say, love us, like us, promote us, because love is like free food: not all of it in the world is enough! Till then, goodbye.

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