What If I don’t get into a good college?
What if I don’t stand true to the MANY expectations that EVERYBODY around has from me?
What if my boyfriend falls out of love with me?
What if there’s no tomorrow? What if...

As we call it a day, and attempt to plan our routine for the next day, a hurricane of “what-ifs” comes spinning, freshly thought of, from our suppressed emotions. Most often, these are negative “what-ifs”. We tend to visualize the worst case scenarios and in the process of our visualizations, forget that they, at the end of the day, are just imaginations. We start assuming that they will happen, and now that they’re afloat in our head, there’s no possible force that can stop them from happening.

If asked to think of ONE word that binds us all together, (NO, It isn’t love, most definitely), I’d say it’s ‘worry’. I can possibly think of a person who doesn’t love anybody, or a person who isn’t hated by anybody, but I SIMPLY cannot think of anyone who doesn’t worry. The stream of these questions is non-stop. It’s not unnatural to reach an extent where thoughts turn limitlessly scary.

You start with thinking of how to spend the weekend, and move on to ‘what-if I get robbed and my car hits a man and I get jailed’. Seems funny, but while you’re in the process of experiencing this cluster of thoughts, they suddenly seem surreal.

One unfortunate but utterly true fact about the ‘WHAT IF SYNDROME’ is that you don’t know why, but you WANT to believe in it. There’s an imagined force which compels you into believing into the amount of reality of the situation.

Well, the only reality here is that the aforementioned reality doesn’t exist.

I am definitely not going to be superfluous and say it is okay, because honestly, that doesn’t help. This too shall pass. What does help is the conversion of these unwanted what-ifs into happy what-ifs!

What if I do get into a great college and what if there is a tomorrow and I live to make the most of it?

Suddenly, the world becomes a happier place. Although it is true that we tend to find the negatives more real, but once we give more time to the positives, we actually start believing in them too.

The best thing is that, while the negative thoughts make you want to stop thinking and believing that they’re true, the positives have just the opposite effect. They encourage you to think a lot more, so much that you’d want to experience them for real and work towards them.

What if this what if makes way for endless beautiful possibilities?

What if the ‘Zine and its team outshines all other sorts of teams that exist?
Well, that isn’t really a what-if. What if my midnights aren’t mad anymore?
Uh-oh, now THAT definitely isn’t something you need to worry about.

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