“We travel, some of us- forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls”

This world of ours, with its 7 colossal continents, over 190 counties of varied shape and sizes, abundant islands and atolls, is a traveler’s paradise because of the eternal escapades it offers people of every and any kind. But where, in this mammoth mass of land, lies that one place which a man can safely term his "dream destination"? A place which one can turn to anytime, to seek solace and respite along with adventure and be full of unearthly exploits. Such a place, where one is secluded, and yet strangely accompanied, at the same time. Fortunately, our world is bursting with such sights just waiting to be revealed.

For any mountain lover, it can be anywhere between the pallid peaks of the himalayas to the alps where serenity and tranquility is in abundance and so is the delight of scaling those soaring peaks; for a nature enthusiast, it can be the ever bustling amazon forest or the jungles of java and borneo where at every corner, lies evidence of the seamless amalgamation of flora and fauna almost untouched by their intrusive homo sapien cousins; for a backpack traveler, it may be any expedition or trail that offers him the lust of unearthing primeval secrets, or be simply an excuse of seeking pure adventure while catering to the needs of his nomadic existence none the less, and for a sea lover, the mystic maldives or the regal scottish islets offer the breathtaking opportunity of witnessing both- land and sea work in tandem to reveal a plethora of naturally dazzling sights.

And, for me? A man of simple yet somber tastes, i revere- not a forlorn island or a prolific mansion of sorts but merely a place wherein with the right person beside me, i can, with satisfaction, call it a day and yet feel the tinge and exhilaration of the start of a new journey altogether, where i can be at ease and still be vigorously active; a place which can enthrall me by its beauty and yet stump me through its simplicity; a place with the divinity of heaven and the intrigue of earth; a place of myriad discoveries. A place i can call home and that will be my dream destination.

And the quest has only just begun.

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