We used to spend a lot of time in school- the usual six hours obviously, and then, the stay-backs- three hours every day. I remember how everything used to get so quiet. It used to be just us, the Basketball team. Sixteen of us. Dust on the court, the sun beating down on us, and a ball in our hands. Heaven wouldn't be a whole lot different. These were the times which made me fall in love with Basketball and sports in general. I would forget it was school, I would forget it was forty degrees.

People tell me I talk a lot about sports, some even call me obsessed. I tell them I am. People in this world don't seem to understand that almost everybody studies, and Billions have a desk job. But how many people are athletes? How many are sports persons? The number is very less, actually. What we don't realize, is that most of us can be good at studies, but few among us are good at sports. Therefore I talk about sports and I write about it and I am obsessed, yes. I consider sportsmen special; Guilty as charged. But why shouldn't I? They wake up before the sun, they run when the sun is out- they do it every day. They don't get to eat what they would want to, they live the hardest kind of life, so why shouldn't I? Would you do any of that?

You see, sports is not like anything else in the world, there is no single entity that would make people fall in love or fight like sports does. Not even music. There is a certain rush in that final run, a different beat to every step. Then, the time slows down and everything is silent, all eyes on you and then you explode.

Those last few seconds, that final run, and the tears at the end, isn't that why you watch sports? Because that is the reason I started playing.

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