Happiness is a peculiar subject. And it is quite a task to spread a true smile across your lips, every time.

No, I do not say that because some wise man painted a character who is very much the embodiment of such thoughts, but I say this because every time I think about a thing that might make me very happy, there’s a voice that says it won’t, for you don’t want it entirely. One can never truly elaborate upon it and how shall one, when he doesn’t know what will make him happy and what won’t? Just like the Triwizard Championship from Harry Potter, happiness is unexpected; it’s a maze, a labyrinth.

But then if we cannot be happy, are we to hold on to things that might have made us happy? Things that would surely have happened in a parallel universe, like Sheldon may say. Or are we to simply live in the hope that something someday will make us happy?

And even if we adopt these notions, is it possible that we can bear to have the morsel of our bread stolen from our lips, our drop of water dashed from our cups? We won’t, because if satisfaction had been such an easy bird to cage, the world would be one lazy household from the days of Adam and Eve.

So what? Do we have regrets, or do we discover where our true happiness lies? Obviously, like any man with a sane mind would point out, the latter. But then a man, who is a passionate believer of guilt and pain, would smash a hard hitting question in your face which would question the essence and integrity of your decision.

Regrets, to many, are a source of motivation with a pang of pain that shackles you through night and day. It never lets you get over your past, it doesn’t give you the power to move on and grow. It holds you there and haunts you endlessly. And yet, we wish to have them.

Ask a philanthropist or any man who has been read and breed on principles whether he enjoys his life to the fullest, living it king size, and he’ll say that all life has, is the present; past and the future are mere virtues, as once Rudyard Kipling wrote.

So, are we to live in the present with no clue of what we desire in the future and how we came up till here? Or are we to spend our lives in darkness, in despair, regretting our every action?

I say, live in the present, but don’t forget what landed you up her; know your mistakes and your faults, for- if you don’t you are as big a fool as any man ever and motley shall suit you perfectly. I say, live life to the fullest; live in the moment, but don’t forget what your actions might lead to. And as for regrets, don’t keep any- because they’ll just hurt you. You can’t undo them. I know we all wish for that one time machine that one delete button in our lives, but remember- mistakes are an important of all the portraits of influence.

So go ahead, enjoy your flight, little bird. No net ensnares you. Will it never. Neither shall it impact your words, nor your work. Fly high, touch the skies.

Now, little miss ed, I ask you again, do you like this? And you, dear reader? What about you? Liked it? Loved it? I expect the latter. So send in your feedback on any of the contact options listed below. Send in your love, your hate and what you would love to read next.

So, next when we meet, I’ll spin yarns from the topics you send me. Till then, remember, fear cuts deeper than swords and so do your words.

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