“I should totally become a designer; I am so good at Art. Oh no wait, I wouldn’t earn much, I guess. If I wouldn’t earn much, how will I ever be able to go to Vegas? Vegas, man! Amazing place. Ha-ha Vegas. Hangover was hilarious. Hangover 2 wasn’t as nice though. I think I’ll become a director. But oh no wait, they’ve to work behind the camera. I won’t be famous. Famous Five was my favourite Enid Blyton series. But John Green’s the best author. And famous five is alliteration. Good Lord, I should totally become an author.”

That pretty much introduces and explains the title. Midnight, because It opens the doors to utter confusion and chaos. Madness, because nothing else could explain a cluster of thoughts as diverse and unrelated as the ones we tend to have during that time.

Yes, as soon as we go to bed, suddenly our philosophical, confused, sometimes worried and almost-crazy self wakes up. We play scenes in our head. We practice things that we would say in situations that might never even happen. We consider our endless ‘What-ifs’. We make plans for the next day. We think of all the people we miss, people who broke our hearts, people who we still wish to meet again at some point in life, maybe now, maybe later. We think of everybody we hate, we think of the circumstances that made us hate them, we think of the things we could have said in the fights that we’ve had that could make us prove our points more convincingly. We tend to ask ourselves questions. Questions about our existence on this planet. Questions about where we would be ten years from the present. We tend to picture situations that might never happen. Situations as crazy as dating your celebrity crushes. Situations as unwanted as meeting that person who abandoned you once. Situations as worse as confronting the one you hate.

While most of us brush away these thoughts like they’re useless, let us for once stop to think, had they been so unimportant, why did they come to our mind in the first place?

Stop. Think. Consider. Evaluate.

If it’s twelve in the night and you’re busy thinking of people you wish to meet again, it might be the time for you to take that one step that will lead you to them.

If it’s twelve in the night and you’re regretting breaking someone’s heart, it might be the time for you to pick up the phone and apologise.

If it’s twelve in the night and you’re worried about your future, it might be the time for you to sit back and think of your strengths and weaknesses.

If it’s twelve in the night and a thought pops up in your head, it might be the time for you to think why it came to your mind.

Because in that one moment when you start thinking why, you might just realize what you wish for.

Things that suddenly strike you at midnight sometimes make you stand at the centre of a crossroad thinking which way to go.

But, keep calm and analyse. You never know what course life might take. You might just become a designer who goes on to direct a movie in Vegas and meets John Green and writes a book with him. You might. Weird, right? But life’s that weird. We all are. Midnights are. Madness is.And just when you start being happy about this weirdness that surrounds you, that’s when you start finding reasons.

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