They say reading a magazine is boring. Well, they also say that writing a magazine is boring. But ask us, and we shall tell you. We shall tell you, that while writing that one article for the column that belongs to ‘us’, we get an exhilarating feeling. We shall tell you of that feeling when everyone congratulates you for accomplishing something you put your heart and soul into; and there’s absolutely nothing better than that.

At least for a month after the first issue was released, as we’d walk down the corridors of our schools and colleges, almost everyone stopped us to tell us how they loved our articles and the layout, and the magazine, itself. It got a smile on our faces –well, at least mine – each time. It still does, whenever I think about it.

On the night of 14th July, 2013, I got a call from the web-designer, who also happens to be a very good friend of mine (Please note that I have mentioned you, Prabhav. And praise me the next time :D ). Now, you see, for at least three weeks, he’d been trying to set things right. And each time things started to go in the right direction, something new went wrong. So, when he called me up at ten in the night, I wondered whether yet another problem had arisen. But his voice sounded so excited, that it was a little scary, frankly. And then, he just shouts in my ear, “Meghna! It worked! We’re online!”

My first reaction? “Stop kidding with me, Prabhav. Seriously, please!”

I think that, simultaneously, at that moment, my mouth just fell open. For weeks, we’d been talking on the phone every day for hours at end, and *finally*. FINALLY, we were Online. It paid off. I checked the website, and what a beauty, it was (oh come on. I’m allowed to boast a bit, aren’t I? ). I felt like jumping and smiling and squealing- all at the same time. And believe me, I did. We had Aman Srivastava on conference –who, needless to say, was dealing with things better than I was. (Thanks, Aman. XP ). So then I squealed into my phone and informed the rest of the team, who further shared it with everyone else. But what a feeling it was. What. A. Feeling. :’)

And so, we wrote for Issue II. We wrote better, we improved. (Or so I hope.) And we added a couple of members to The ‘Zine’s team. On board, we now also have:

Tilak Tewari, as an Editor.
Rukma Singh, as a Columnist (Midnight Madness)
Sanyam Gupta, as a Columnist (Elements of Bliss)
Shrey Agrawal, as a Photographer
Sumaira Nawaz, as a Columnist (The Wallflower Journals)
Tanmay Malhotra, as a Columnist (Retrograde)

I am pleased to announce, that this issue onwards, we shall also be having a Photography Column, “Shutter Island”.

I would like to thank:
Aman Srivastava – for your support, throughout.
Prabhav Khandelwal – for understanding what I wanted.
Sanyam Gupta – for having agreed, at the last minute.
Tilak Tewari – for editing articles the way I needed them to be edited.

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