All at once we tried climbing the hill
And in the mad rush
Only valleys did we fill.

The sun suspended the clouds in its wisdom
And these ghostly clouds have shadowed the sun
And they now conquer the sun’s blue kingdom

The God's thunder in fury
Seeing what the flash of lighting has captured
As his hungry sheep become his jury

So let Heaven drop a million teardrops
To fall on that bird that flies too high
So it may rest its wings as all effort stops
And lower its stature with a sigh

To wipe the dust off leaves
So the trees know their welfare is still known
And tap the cocoon with ease
So the caterpillar be told it's
not alone.

To drench Man
So he may dance in the falling water
And put on new clothes and change his day’s plans
To break the monotony of his life’s order.

To fill the cups of the poor
So they may for once feel full
To interrupt the rich breathing the material air
In the hassle of looking for an umbrella to pull

To flood the ground altogether
So the tortoise and the hare for once stop competing
And stand together under cover
Sharing tales of their lives’ different setting

To settle the dust particles in air
So we may see each other clearly
And finally become mirrors that lay bare
So we may see what we have become lately.

And then a cold breeze shall blow
And carry along the dark clouds
Clouds that performed the rainy show
And the colourful rainbow shall make the sun proud
The colours as deep as the blackness of the clouds.

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