I remember when once as a kid I spotted this young couple, who were sharing a dessert. As I looked on, soon it came down to the last bite.

She gave him a cheeky smile and then to my horror, instead of eating it himself fed it to her. Seven year old me was left perplexed. I simply could not comprehend why someone would willingly give the last bite of something as delicious as a chocolate brownie to someone else.

What I didn't realise was the fact that all it was, was simple young love being celebrated. Years later, When I hit upon this realisation, The mysterious working of the world cleared up a bit , because that's when I realised that it is love, in all its various forms, holding us all together.

Envision two friends. The best of friends. One, who has her heart on her sleeve; bold, and not afraid of saying what's on her mind. The other, who while wishing to be like his bold friend, can't help being subdued; afraid of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

What do you get?

A friendship which is slowly heading towards an unpleasant end. While they both love each other equally, one's saying it too much, the other's afraid to say it, afraid to risk it. What if something went wrong?

Well, it did.

She got fed up of his emotional insecurity; of feeling like there was no reciprocation to her feelings. She decided to not want to waste her time anymore, on someone who didn't think she was worth it. Boy, was she wrong. But, she would never know that, because it had gone on too long, for either of them to make amends, or work on that friendship.

See, how that situation, the breaking of two hearts, was completely avoidable?

Not every person, when in a pickle, especially when it comes to relations, knows what to do. Had the shy friend just gotten over his insecurity, and told her how much she meant to him, their friendship would not have ended there.

This is where I, your columnist on relationships, “Of Smiles and Tears” for The 'Zine, come in. To avoid such worst case scenarios, I shall be offering to you, tiny bits of advice, from my infinite wisdom (even I laughed at that) on relationships in every issue.

Here, today, I would like to impose on you the importance of letting people know how much they mean to you. I know this sounds really cliché-d, but you never know what tomorrow might bring.

You are here and so are they. Just say those three little words. Before it's too late. To your friends, to your family and to someone special. Tell your damn goldfish, that you love it. For, it will cherish it for the next 3 seconds (that's how long a goldfish's memory span is, just fyi). Or else, you might just be left with a trunk full of regret, later on.

Do you understand what you stand to lose, if you just don't care enough, or seem to not care enough?

The magic of relationships, my friend, lies in the simple concept of love. And no, when I say "love", I do not restrict myself to the love between two lovers. By "love", I mean the sentiment in the eyes of a mother, when she first lays eyes on her newborn child; the sentiment with which a toddler grasps the finger of his father's hand, with his own tiny ones; the sentiment with which a friend lends you their shoulder to cry on, when you just can't hold it together anymore. That, is love.

That, is what you stand to lose.

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