Swagath is one of the Delhi classics. It isn’t the first restaurant that comes to one’s mind when one wants to take guests from out of town, nor is it a restaurant that would make an ideal location for a first date. It is, however, a place where you are sure to get consistently good food when you visit, and it is worth its buck.

It is spewed across Delhi/NCR with more than half a dozen outlets, and all of them stand and deliver. The menu is cuisine rich, ranging from Mughlai to South Indian to Chinese and choose what you may, you will not be disappointed.

In my experience, they prepare their seafood really well, and it is always fresh. Never have I had to deal with the foul after-taste, which is unforgiving in seafood that is even a tad bit stale. The cuisine that steals the show, however, is South Indian. Their preparation of the Chettinad (both veg and non/veg) is excellent; pair that with fresh Appams and you will be transported into culinary heaven. I remember the first time I was dragged to Swagath, was for its South Indian cuisine and I despised it. It was here that my horizons were broadened and I happily changed my mind.

The best part is that not only is the food great, but the establishment has an excellent value for money as well. The menu is decently priced and the portion size is generous. The staff is also very courteous and the service is quick. A meal for two (excluding drinks) would cost around INR 1200-1500.

A word of advice – they have a decent bar menu but one should stick with the regular concoctions. Cocktails here have always disappointed me. Also, they don’t serve boneless meals unless you specifically tell them, so if you are one in favor of having things made easy and non messy for you, then make sure you let your server know when you place your order.

Dishes worthy of a shout out – Chicken 65, Malabari Parantha, Garlic Butter fried prawns, Tandoori Aloo Dilnaaz, Paneer Tikka Pudina, Chicken Stew and you cannot go wrong with any fish that you choose to get. (This list is in no particular order).

For anyone who hasn’t been here, now would be a great time to start and you will become a fan.

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