How I should begin to explain about something that is so close to my heart, is not something I can fully comprehend, even today.

So I suppose, I'll start at the very beginning.

Well, I reckon my subconscious self was bored of sitting around and doing nothing during the long, never-ending vacations (or so it seemed to me) because it had decided to torture me with one of its brilliantly thought-out ideas. In the middle of my perfect day dream, a thought popped into my head.

A thought which would seem absurd to the majority of the people. Well it was quite insistent- that thought, for it poked and prodded me till my beautiful day dream had come to an abrupt end. "Create a magazine!", it shouted continuously. This led me to a weird internal dilemma.

While a part of my head said "you dont just decide to create your own magazine all of a sudden" and acted as if the idea was quite absurd, the other part said, "don't you?"

And so it began. From talking for hours at end on the phone with my cousin (whom I had managed to convince to help me), to arguing on which font size would suit better, to emotionally blackmailing a couple of people, to having no help at all, to forming The 'Zine's team, it has been a grueling process.

Yet, here I stand. Here we stand, undaunted, cloaked by a sense of euphoria.

I am ecstatic. Overwhelmed. Elated. And none of this, would have been possible without a particular bunch of people. I take this opportunity, to express my gratitude.

  • Aman Srivastava
  • Lastika Sethi
  • Munmun Chawla
  • Paridhi Sachdeva
  • Tanya Dutta

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your immense support.

And of course, I thank The 'Zine team- who endured me while I shouted, who listened to me, and most importantly, who believed in me.

As you read on, I hope it brings you as much joy, as it brings to us.

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