About The ’Zine

The ’Zine is a quarterly magazine written by young adolescents. It is an amalgamation of ideas, as diverse as the thinkers. We write, not because we have to; but simply because we want to.

You can tell a few things about the writer by reading their piece of work, but not everything. We make an attempt to introduce you, to The ’Zine’s team.

Writing about ourselves is not an art we have mastered (or, you could simply call us modest ;) ). So, instead of writing about ourselves, each of us has written about the person we know best. Have fun reading!

Meghna Gulati: With an eye for detail, and exceptional work ethic, Meghna Gulati has managed to create ripples by founding her own magazine, and taking over as Editor in Chief at the age of 16. She incorporates her love for the written word with a passion for providing a platform to budding talent.

Aastha Sharma: Aastha Sharma has been through hell and back, yet she is hopeful. There’s just something about her that would always keep you smiling. She is one of those people who, you think you’ve known since Eternity. She is Hydrogen, and a fellow ball of awesome.

Aarohi Narain: An aspiring journalist/author with a penchant for literature and creative writing, Aarohi takes a deep interest in travel, culture, art and film. High heels, subverting heteronormativity and apparent contradictions excite her. She's also a keen connoisseur of dark chocolate and indie music alike. Her life goals include being an accomplished performance poet and bonafide polyglot.

Akash ‘Ricky’ Chakraborty: Balancing pretty much every single talent a person can possess is a tough task, and Akash manages to do it with aplomb and humility that belies his age. He can be found working on a play, involved in game of rugby, rowing, or reading a book, but his natural habitat includes a bottle of Nutella, the ASOIAF series and possibly the new game he's playing.

Altamash Gaziyani: Altamash is an overgrown child who finds happiness in singing and cooking. His time is spent either by crooning to his six cats and two dogs, writing and maintaining his very fine blog or cooking for all his friends. He also is an avid reader, although he often has difficulty distinguishing fiction from reality. He’s charismatic and extremely reliable, even though he isn’t social. For someone talkative, Al is a rather strange kind of introvert. Nevertheless, Altamash is one very special boy.

Aman Srivastava: Aman is a 16 year-old inappropriately fair guy *laughs* who has a sharp eye for design and type. He can be easily found dabbling pixels in Photoshop or tapping his feet to all kinds of music. Also, he is a die-hard Chelsea FC supporter.

Anirban Chattopadhyaya: To start with, Mr. Chattopadhayaya is different; he isn't impressed with people easily. But if you know him well, you will see that he is bold and very honest. A killer and very tough to compete with. His writing style is no-nonsense and always to the point. The guy can speak about everything and is almost always right.

Arshia Amin Born and raised in Guwahati, she is anything but a small town girl, who hates being called a hopeless romantic for- she feels the word “hopeless” doesn’t come close to capture the intensity of her love for love. Writing is her first love. An opinionated individual, she takes great intrigue to the art of debating and deliberating. Don’t expect the expected from her- she wont deliver. Her friends are her family and she is, because they are.

Devyani Mahajan Making this world a happier place since May '99, this bubbly, fun loving, extremely lovable "Oh-My-Gawd" woman is one of the most happy-go-lucky people you'll ever meet. Most times, you'll find her playing along to the grungy Indie Tunes of Arctic Monkeys, or snapping away photographs that'll make your jaws drop. All that being said and done, she'll always be there, through thick and thin. PS. She wants to grow up to become a professional "momowala".

Jibraan Mansoor: Apart from being a gifted orator, Jibraan Mansoor is one of the most helpful and dependable people I have ever come across. World politics, debates, computers. You name it, and he's an ace of the trade. Characterized by his childish and quirky ways, he's one person who'd always lay down the facts for you.

Harnidh Kaur: Harnidh alternates between 15 and 50 years old mentally, and is stuck at a rather inelegant 19, physically. History, poetry, food, travel, trivia and arguments in general make her very happy. Her teenage is almost done, but her drama queen days aren't over just yet.

Natasha Chopra: An adroit person, cognizant of probably anything you can think of. Part Stephen King, part Matt Groening, this blend is what sets her apart. An ardent Pink Floyd follower (vinyl cassettes and posters are a testimony), Natasha is also extremely passionate about singing and watching cult movies.

Navya Sinha: Navya will listen to you like a toddler, and the next moment, she'll take your case with her infallible arguments. Her words reflect her personality. Smart, eloquent, precise, observant and proud. Her ability to strike optimism through shades of pessimism is something we writers wish for. Don’t let her beautifully uptight appearances deceive you. Her words will hit you like a ton of bricks.

Prabhav Khandelwal: This kid was manufactured in July '97 and comes in many languages: English, Hindi, French, HTML, CSS, you name it. He's got an eye for design! Typography melts his heart. Give him any form of EDM and he'll be salivating. Man United is the love of his life. Also, he made this site.

Preeti Rajendran:18 year old strung out on confusion. She listens to rock music and likes to call herself the 'Doodle Queen'. She's also an RPG horor freak. She'd love to become a Graphic Designer and explore the world someday, and she believes and worship in art- for it's her escape from everyday's hardship. Home is where the heart is.

Rahat Chawla: RC was born for accomplishing great things. The first, was to eat anything the world's kitchens could produce. (Shows.) But, he remains a die hard Punjabi. (Also shows.) He's also blessed with the ability to watch crappy films in the hopes that one of them would show him the path to salvation. Also, he's a serial entrepreneur.

Sahej Marwah: Sahej Marwah is a conundrum of the nice kind. Talented as she is at artwork, she writes marvelously too. Her taste in music is brilliant, and this woman is not someone you want to rub the wrong way- she will leave you flustered with her sharp tongue, and awestruck by the way she handles every situation. A positive quandary of the soothing kind, you can never have a dull day with this lady.

Saumyaa Mehra: Try to understand her and you will be baffled. A photographer, an artist, a counselor, and a friend. From theaters to art studios, you can find her anywhere. Sweet and simple, lively and understanding. At times she becomes opaque, but respect her and appreciate her actions- in the end you will know how simple life can be. Innocent and sober; as she likes to put it.

Shrey Agrawal: Spewing magic from the lens, he can make you smile- be it with his incessant talking, french, or guitar. He is as lovable as much he is a food-a-holic (and that's saying something). And, oh yeah, let's not even mention Arsenal. :p

Sukhnidh Kaur: Photographer. Singer. Pianist. Writer. Illustrator. Sukhnidh Kaur, 15, is a budding superstar. Not only has she claimed virtual and real fame through her photographs, creative pieces and sheer wit, she is also an avid MUNer and has bagged several awards in national debates and creative arts' competitions. Her passion for music goes hand in hand with her loud, bubbly personality, and her propensity to be a drama queen. And to top it all up, she's the most optimistic person you'll ever come across.

Tanya Motwani: Tanya is a 17 year old IB student with a some-what blossoming social life. She lives in one place but her heart yearns to travel to every other one. She's socially awkward and completely obsessed with penguins and pancakes.

Vedant Puri: Best described as funny as hell and awesome, he prefers being behind the lens, than on it. He knows his lighting and angles, as well as he knows his electronic dance music. He firmly abides by The Bro Code and is a legend-wait for it-dary bro himself.

Vrinda Sood: Vrinda is one person, who you realize is awesome, just after 5 minutes of conversing with her. This smexy human skyscraper is a brilliant poet (although like every other exceptional artist, doesn't accept it), and she's also a dancer. It's insane, I know!

Zaid Drabu: An athlete, a leader, and a linguist. His innate gift to intertwine words with his athletic background, drooling out an essence of pride, strength and sportsmanship make him stand out. He is smart, polite, creative and humble. A person who entertains the perspective of others before his pride, and a gem of a human being, This is Zaid Drabu we are talking about.

Table of Contents


Tal Peleg, Make-Up Artist

Tal is a multi-talented visual artist from Modi'in, Israel. A photography afficionado, makeup artist and designer, she tries to mix all her skills up as she works.

Shantanu Anand, APM

Spoken Word, as opposed to the written form, allows you to give life to everything you write and speak. Airplane Poetry Movement aims at promoting performance poetry in various cities of India through workshops and performance poetry events like slams and open mics. We got in touch with Airplane Poetry Movement’s founder, Shantanu Anand, to talk about his love for spoken word, the idea behind APM, and more.

Unohu, Alt. Rock Band

Unohu is a Mumbai-based Alt-Rock trio consisting of brothers Sarthak (vocals and guitar) and Shashwat Karkare (drums) with Yohann Coutinho (bass.) This young trio with Sarthak and Yohann at 19 and Shashwat at 17, are already a force to be reckoned with.

Alexander Harding

Alexander Harding was born in 1980 in Boston, Massachusetts. He received his BFA in Painting from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2002. In 2003 he completed an additional year as a special student in Photography. In 2011 Harding received His MFA in Photography from MassArt. Using Photography and other media, Harding’s work explores our physical and emotional connections to sunlight.

Samantha Edwards, Founder of MuzicWorks

For this issue, we got in touch with Samantha Edwards, a vocal coach and performer. She has performed across a variety of festivals, concerts, gigs, nightclubs, and corporate gigs, and is also working on an album. To know more about her work, do check out MuzicWorks.

Kris Wilson, Founder of Cyanide & Happiness

We got in touch with the creator of Cyanide & Happiness, Kris Wilson, and he was very kind to have agreed to an interview! For those of you who haven't yet had the honor of being introduced to C&H, well, today's the day! If this interview doesn't brighten your day, I don't know what will. Oh, PS. We were nice enough to add a comic strip in the end, just for you!

Bikash Das, Photographer

Initially trained as an Aircraft Engineer, Bikash Das converted his keen hobby of photography into a profession. He engaged in high-end Advertising and industrial photography since the early 80's. Since the beginning of his photographic career, he has been engaged in imparting knowledge and know-how. He has developed various new techniques and modules for teaching photography to beginners and aspiring professionals.

David Lloyd, Graphic Novelist

David Lloyd is a British comics artist best known as the illustrator of the story V for Vendetta. He was one of the artists on the graphic horror anthology Wasteland for DC Comics with writers John Ostrander and Del Close. Currently, he's working on a project, Aces Weekly, which is an entirely online comic art magazine.